What is meant by "business incubation"?

The idea of business incubation is to support the development of entrepreneurial companies by offering a range of services and resources such as office space, shared administrative services, business development support, counseling, financial aid, … This is precisely what ESA BIC Flanders does.

The call mentions that the starter has to settle in one of the buildings of the ESA BIC incubator. Can a starter not decide where he wants to be located? 

In ESA BIC Flanders this issue is solved as follows. ESA Bic companies are very welcome in one of our incubation buildings. We even offer them a flex workspace free of charge or an equal discount on our other housing formulas. Nevertheless it is not obliged to settle in our buildings. As a compensation to this ESA BIC Flanders will organize regularly network meetings with all the ESA BIC incubatees and they are frienddly but firmly J expected to attend.

Can individuals apply or does it have to be a company?

ESA BIC Flanders applicants must be young compagnies (maximum 5 years). Individuals can already apply but a company needs to be established prior to sign the incubation contract and to get the incentives. Also IWT and PMW only endorses incentives to legal persons.