General procedure

The ESA Business Incubation programme has issued an open call for proposals, which means that applications can be submitted at any time. 


The main requirement for acceptance into the ESA Business Incubation scheme is that the applicant's product or service must be based on a transfer of space technology and/or the utilization of a space system in a non-space environment.

Space technology covers a wide range of applications:

  •  Satellite communication and navigation 
  •  Robotics and mechatronics 
  •  Earth monitoring  
  •  Mobile services 
  •  Energy 
  •  Transportation (road, sea, air)  
  •  Materials
  •  Optics/Photonics
  •  ...


Another prerequisite is that the project has already got or is able to get a Flemish subsidy of at least € 25.000 (eg through IWT). Both procedures ESA BIC and eg IWT can be eventually run in parallel.
ESA BIC Flanders is also committed to assist potential applicant for ESA BIC in pplying for IWT subsidy.

The company submitting the proposal cannot be older than 5 (five) years. Entrepreneurs can also apply individually but in the end, a company needs to be established.