The main mission of ESA BIC Flanders is to boost innovative business concepts that use space technology, applications, and services in a non-space environment in order to provide new jobs and strengthen the competitiveness of the Flemish industry.  

Target group

     1. Entrepreneurs
           ESA is always looking for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas or business plans based on using  
           technologies, applications, and services from the aerospace industry in other areas of the 

     2. Space Companies
           Space companies willing to outsource the spin-off activities of their employees will be supported
           in an innovative win-win scheme.

     3. Research Centres and Universities
           Research Centres and universities are asked to encourage staff and young talent to set up their
           own companies to bring cutting-edge research to the marketplace via ESA Business Incubation.


Over a project period of 4 years, the goal of the ESA BIC Flanders is to help start up 10 new commercial enterprises in the region of Flanders, using pioneering technology originating from one of the ESA space programmes.